Houston Weather – Rainy, tropical start, warm day ahead

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HOUSTON (CW39) We’ve got some damp weather this morning. No surprise there. It’s what we’ve been dealing with for several days, right? Well this pattern that we’ve had for so long, finally changes by the end of the day today. But we’ve got those a really warm temperatures that tropical feel this morning. Just a bunch of light rain and drizzle going on across the area right now, so it’s a wet start to our day. But by the afternoon we do see some drier air coming in as a front finally will push a lot of this moisture out of here will actually get some sunshine towards the end of the day today and generally as we go through the rest of the week, we’re looking at cooler and drier conditions.

So things finally changing for us. As for conditions right now, it is very warm to start this morning. 72 degrees. Dew points way up there. Humidities way up there, and again it’s just kind of feeling tropical out there right now. That’s what’s happening here out ahead of this front you can see right across Texas. There’s that front it gets in here later on today, we’ll get some dry air and that some cooler air to follow.

Temperatures this afternoon. Well into the 70’s, but again we’re in the 70’s right now so it’s not a big warm up from where we see temperatures at the moment.

As for tomorrow morning, we’ll get down to some cooler 50’s and still probably topping 70 tomorrow afternoon.

So again, we may be dealing with some rain today, maybe even some thunderstorms before we get that clearing.



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