Houston Weather – Sea fog increasing Thursday afternoon

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HOUSTON – (CW39) Damp grey day today. Not too cold out there. We’ll be in the 70’s by this afternoon. Sea fog is beginning to encroach on the coastal area and will continue to build up this afternoon.

Looking into later today, we expect fog to actually increase due to a warm front going northward. Fog will build up in Houston and several surrounding counties.

This sea fog is expect to stick around Friday. Maybe even Saturday morning, that may be an issue.

Throughout the day today, some actual showers by the afternoon. But temperatures remain mild today. Rain begins to pick up around 3pm this afternoon with fog in the mix. This evening, still some scattered rain. Tomorrow morning, we may have some rain for a little while. It may go away by the end of the day Friday.

As we get into the weekend, rain starts to move right back in on Saturday through the weekend. It will be next week when we begin to see drier air and drier air sweep in behind that low.

Any rain chances we have will be light and moderate and not really piling up. Maybe a quarter-inch to half-inch around the Houston area for the next several days.

As for temperatures, they bob around ranging from the mid 70’s to upper 60’s and back up again.

Next week we range from 60’s with lows in the 50s.



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