Houston Weather – Spotty rain, warm today, cooler Inauguration Day

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HOUSTON (CW39) Hey good morning to you chief meteorologist Adam Krueger here!

Today going hour by hour and you’ll notice by the way as you step out this morning, it is much much warmer with temperatures in the 60’s here this morning. With a warm day coming our way with temperatures in the 70’s by the afternoon, and a good deal of cloud cover and perhaps a little bit of isolated rain today,

Rain is going to be our main story for this week. Although I’m not expecting one particular day where there’s going to be any real widespread rain coming our way. So yes, we’ve got rain chances, but I wouldn’t call it a really wet week overall. Spotty rain in the forecast for today with warm temperatures for today as well. Then we do have a front coming in tonight. That’s going to drop us down a little bit for tomorrow – a little bit cooler but still generally pretty mild weather expected for us.

It is much colder over northwestern parts of Texas behind that front, but it’s not again bringing a big temperature drop here. Near that front is where we have the majority of the rain showing up right now.

Coming in a little closer to our area just a few isolated or spotty showers. This is what I was talking about on our headlines and this is what’s going to continue to be the case throughout the day today notice out west west of Katy of northwest as well and even southwest, we’ve got a little bit of spotty rain showing up this morning.

I’m not expecting a whole lot over most of the Houston area and as we continue through the day it’s going to be confined again west and north of Houston most likely.

I was talking about this yesterday. I was saying all right by its this morning. We’ll probably see some plus 25 on this graphic that’s exactly what we have is way warmer this morning. Instead of 30’s and 40’s we’re in the 60’s 63, currently in Houston. There’s a look at our high temperatures today is we’re going to head up into the lower half of the 70’s. We’ll talk more about the temperature changes and our rain chances ahead on the seven-day in just a few minutes. Join us!



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