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HOUSTON (CW39) This Thursday should be ever so slightly less hot than Wednesday when Houston reached 95 with a heat index of 106. Today we’re calling for 93 with a heat index near 103.

The heat wave continues into the weekend with temps actually going up a bit. We’re also calling for a small 20% rain chance Sunday, but overall most of our region stays dry this weekend.

Next week doesn’t look too promising for rain, but we do see a string of days with a small possibility of rain. Right now, Sunday night to Monday looks like our best chance with a VERY weak front arriving from the northeast.

Finally, we’re continuing to monitor a broad disturbance south of Mexico. Long-range models are hinting at eventual likely development into a tropical cyclone.

This morning, it appears that cyclone may drift west of Mexico, but another disturbance could split off of that and move into the Gulf. Where it goes from there, and how much it does or doesn’t develop, is still up in the air. We have lots of time to sort this out. If there’s an impact here, it’s more than a week away.