HOUSTON (KIAH) — Hot, but probably staying just under 100 degrees on this Wednesday. Enjoy it while it lasts, because the heat wave cranks up a notch Thursday through Sunday with potential for highs of 100 or above in Houston.

CW39 – forecast temperatures Friday afternoon

The image above is an example of what temperatures could look like Friday afternoon across Texas with most areas in the 100s, some above 105! Saturday and Sunday will be similar.

Next week we see some dim light at the end of the tunnel, meaning temperatures should come down a bit while rain chances go up.

CW39 – weather pattern Monday

High pressure remains stuck over Texas through Sunday, but by Monday, it shifts to the western U.S. This opens the door for a weak cold front to move southwards towards us Monday and Tuesday. That’s why we have scattered rain on the 7-day forecast next week, along with highs in the mid 90s.

CW39 Houston 7-day forecast