HOUSTON (KIAH) — Record high levels of oak pollen were measured the last two days in Houston. With another round of breezy winds today, and gusty conditions over the weekend, don’t expect relief anytime soon.

CW39 – oak pollen

If you didn’t know, oak is that brownish yellowish stuff piling up along our streets and sidewalks, resulting in a layer of yellow dust on everything outside.

The Houston Health Department recorded a record amount of 10,704 grains of oak per cubic meter of air on Thursday. For perspective, the highest amount ever measured in previous years (since 2013) was 5,200. It’s possible that our extreme freeze during February of 2021 is causing this extreme release of pollen.

When will it improve? In a typical year, oak tends to peak between mid-March and early April. That means we should see less of it in the next few weeks, but it’ll still be flying around, especially on dry and breezy days. However, rain can definitely offer temporary relief, and it looks like that will happen next week, especially on Tuesday.

CW39 Houston 7-day forecast

While Tuesday looks like our best chance for rain, it could still be wet at times Wednesday and Thursday. Over the next 7 days, NOAA’s Weather Prediction Center says we will see, on average, between 0.5″ and 1.5″.

CW39 – NOAA’s 7 day rain outlook