HOUSTON (KIAH) — Houston’s cold temperatures might not be breaking daily records, but the duration of this cold snap is what makes it so unique, and in some ways, unprecedented.

When looking at consecutive days with temperatures below 60 degrees, Houston’s current streak is five (as of Wednesday). Assuming our forecast pans out, Houston will stay below 60 degrees through Monday of next week. That’ll make ten consecutive days below 60. Since records began in the late 1800s, Houston has never had a sub-60 streak this long outside of the winter months (Dec-Feb).

Consecutive days below 60 degrees in Houston

Now, when you include the winter months, Houston has definitely experienced longer cold snaps. Our expected 10-day streak of sub-60 days would only be the 4th occurrence this long in the last 30 years. The longest sub-60 streak is 26 days, ending February 11, 1978.

One last fact that speaks to how unique our current cold snap is: the historic winter storm in February of 2021 had a shorter streak with 9 consecutive sub-60 days.