HOUSTONTexas  (KIAH) – A potentially historic wind event is expected across portions of the Midwest today. Throughout the afternoon Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska are predicting wind speeds of 70+ mph out ahead of this strong low-pressure system ejecting out of the west. Northern Iowa and southern Minnesota are under a moderate risk (4/5) for severe weather today, damaging wind being the main concern, but tornadoes are also likely to form. Winds are expected to gust over hurricane strength for this part of the country, 70-100 mph. Widespread power outages, damage to crops and homes are expected. 

Abnormally warm air continues to plague the northern plains, acting as fuel for storms later today. Record breaking December temps are being seen across Iowa.

Schools are already planning to let students out early today in portions of Iowa ahead of the potential wind threat. High profile vehicles, like school buses, can struggle to operate properly in winds of this magnitude.