HOUSTON (KIAH) — Ian’s winds have been weakening Wednesday night, and it’s now considered a tropical storm with maximum sustained winds of 65 mph as of 5 a.m. ET Thursday.

Despite the lower winds, “life-threatening” impacts remain when it comes to storm surge along the Atlantic Coast and flooding rain.

According to the National Hurricane Center, “There is a danger of life-threatening storm surge today through Friday along the coasts of northeast Florida, Georgia and South Carolina”. “Widespread, life-threatening catastrophic flooding, with major to record river flooding, will continue today across portions of central Florida with considerable flooding in northern Florida, southeastern Georgia and eastern South Carolina expected today through the end of the week”.

Tropical Storm Ian forecast track

Ian will make another U.S. landfall Friday in South Carolina with potential maximum sustained winds of 70 mph, which would be a strong tropical storm. 74 mph and up is considered hurricane force.

Futurecast midday Friday as Ian makes landfall in South Carolina

Widespread heavy rain sweeps through much of South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware where several inches will be possible.

NOAA’s 7-day rain outlook