KIAH (CW39) – Hurricane Ian continues to prompt warnings across Florida this morning. The last time that Tampa was under a Hurricane Warning was back in 2017 for Hurricane Irma.

The last time that Tampa was struck by a landfalling major storm was 1921, over 100 years ago!

Storm name? Not recorded. This was before we started naming hurricanes, that trend began in 1953.

A storm surge warning has been issued from Tampa Bay to the southern tip of the state. Storm surge is the water pushed onto the shore from the hurricane force winds. This is not to be confused with the flooding that the rainfall will bring, that is additional water that will be dumped over the same region. Models are really beginning to up the rain totals with the signs of the storm stalling and/or riding the coastline becoming more promising. Over 2 feet of rainfall may be seen in some pockets.