HOUSTON (KIAH) — Houston has had several “air quality alert” days lately due to high levels of ozone. Thanks to increasing winds the rest of the week, ozone levels will drop to the moderate range. However, skies over Texas remain hazy due to smoke from Mexico and New Mexico, and a Saharan dust could join the mix this weekend.

CW39 – Saharan dust forecast

As wild as it may seem, it’s actually common during the summer months to see plumes of dust from the Sahara in Africa travel thousands of miles westward across the Atlantic Ocean. Right now, a significant plume is on the move, likely reaching the Texas Coast on Sunday.

CW39 – Saharan dust forecast

This dust has been known to affect some people much like pollen does, but otherwise doesn’t pose a significant health threat.

CW39 – smoke forecast

Meanwhile, smoke lingers over Texas all week. In the image above, the green colors indicate where smoke will be today, and the orange rings indicate some a few of the larger fires. Also, agricultural burning is common this time of year in Mexico, which is adding some smoke to the mix.

CW39 – allergy report

Finally, Monday’s allergy report from the Houston Health Department shows tree pollen in the low range, but weeds, grass and mold spores are medium.

CW39 Houston 7-day forecast

As far as our weather, we’re in the 90s the rest of the week with increasing humidity, which means it will feel like mid to upper 90s during the afternoons. A weak front brings scattered rain this weekend.