Larry goes from Hurricane to Blizzard!

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HOUSTONTexas (KIAH) – As of 8AM this morning Larry holds its strength as a Category 1 hurricane. After spending all of his life only impacting the seas. The storm will start to bring direct impacts to land into the night. Newfoundland is in the path of Larry’s dangerous surge and hurricane force winds. A hurricane warning is out in effect for the southeastern part of the island.  


Larry then goes on to travel to the higher latitudes. This is where this gets interesting. This tropical system will enter a colder climate as it approaches Greenland. Instead of dropping inches of rain, Larry will bring FEET of SNOW to the frigid country. Some are calling it a ‘tropical blizzard’ or ‘hurricane turned snowstorm”!  

As water freezes it expands, thus having a larger surface area. Also, fresh fallen snow has lots of air pockets, not the case for recently fallen heavy rain. This is why the precipitation amounts are so high, on the order of feet instead of inches!

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