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HOUSTON (KIAH) — A stubborn wet weather pattern is setting up for a large part of Texas, likely resulting in huge rain totals over the course of a week. Flooding will be possible at times.

CW39 – NOAA’s 7-day rain outlook

NOAA’s 7-day rain outlook paints a wide area of three to five inches of rain (red and orange in the image above), but also indicates a rain bulls-eye of seven to ten inches in an area between Corpus Christi, San Antonio and Del Rio.

Closer to Houston, the heaviest rain looks to generally occur near the coast, with lower amounts north. However, individual storms can certainly drop an inch or more of rain in a short amount of time. This could lead to brief street flooding in and around Houston.

Two of the most reliable long-range computer models are in good agreement over the next seven days that the highest rain totals hug the coast.

CW39 – ECMWF (European) model 7-day forecast rain totals
CW39 – GFS (American) model 7-day forecast rain totals

Be sure to remain weather aware for several days, especially this Labor Day weekend as rain will likely impact outdoor plans. You can monitor storms on radar here and on the CW39 app.