More headlight usage? Daylight slipping away!

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HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) – August is coming to an end, and our days are progressively ending sooner. 

As we get closer to the autumnal equinox, (September 22nd)  we lose a couple minutes of precious sunlight every day. By this time next month, the sun will set nearly a full hour earlier. That could make the tipping point in you driving home from work in the sunset versus the sunshine.  Sunset time tonight is 7:52PM and after 12 hours and 57 min of sunlight.  

You will be getting more use out of your headlights for the morning drives too! The sun will start “sleeping in” a little later in the morning. Tomorrow’s sunrise is 1 minute later than today, 6:55 AM, Thursday 6:54 AM. By September 4th, it will not rise until 7 AM, progressively getting later through the month.  

This is good information to keep in mind when planning evening events from here on out. Come next month if you plan on playing sports outdoors, after 7 PM, you better have stadium lights to see the ball! Or, if the household rule of thumb is “home before dark”… kids will be sneaking through the door a little earlier! 

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