HOUSTON (KIAH) — The tropics are alive and well with two hurricanes currently spinning in the Atlantic, and one in the Eastern Pacific. Simultaneous hurricanes in the Atlantic marks an event we haven’t seen since September of 2020.

CW39 – tropical activity in the Atlantic Ocean

Hurricane Earl is expected to strengthen, eventually becoming this season’s first major hurricane in the Atlantic. The center of Earl will likely pass east of Bermuda.

CW39 – Hurricane Earl

Meanwhile, in the North Atlantic, sea surface temperatures are much warmer than normal, allowing Danielle to continue as a hurricane.

In the Eastern Pacific, Hurricane Kay will bring potential hurricane impacts to Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.

CW39 – Hurricane Kay

It appears Kay will indirectly impact the U.S., sending moisture and possible heavy rain into Southern California and Arizona at the end of this week.

It should come as no surprise to see multiple hurricanes this time of year as we’re right in the peak of hurricane season. Historically, September 10th signifies the peak date.

CW39 – tropical climatology