HOUSTON (KIAH) – An impactful storm system will sweep across the U.S. early next week. Locally, this will likely bring scattered thunderstorms late Monday.

If you’ve been following along the last few days, you know we were calling for a slight rain chance Sunday, then a better chance Monday. Today I’ve decided to remove Sunday’s rain chance, and with a slower approach of a storm system and cold front, our best chance for storms shifts from Monday to Monday night. There may even be severe storms from East Texas to Mississippi Monday night.

This storm system (area of low pressure) continues eastward, bringing windy and wet weather to a large part of the country east of the Mississippi River Tuesday and Wednesday. This could potentially impact travel in the days leading up to Thanksgiving.

Back in Houston, in the short-term, the weather looks nice. Clouds will clear Friday with highs in the 70s. We’ll continue with 70s this weekend.