HOUSTON (KIAH) – Houston’s recent bout of dry air has produced pleasant mornings with lows in the 60s, and despite the afternoon heat, at least there has been no heat index. The Gulf humidity can only stay away for so long. It gradually starts returning Wednesday and beyond with winds from the southeast.

Houston forecast highs and heat index values

As it gets more humid, a few things will change with our weather. First, nights and mornings get warmer. Second, it will feel hotter than the actual temperatures. As seen above, Wednesday through Sunday will feel like upper 90s to near 100 during the hottest part of the day. Third, increasing moisture may result in a few isolated showers and storms Thursday and Friday afternoon.

Houston 7-day forecast

You’ll notice a cold front at the end of our 7-day forecast. This could bring a little more rain, but likely won’t deliver much in terms of cooler temperatures. Highs are likely to continue over 90 degrees through the end of September.