HOUSTON (KIAH) – After a string of dry and sunny days, the weather in Texas starts changing this weekend, with widespread rain moving in next week.

Hurricane Norma in the Pacific Ocean will start to send upper-atmosphere moisture into Texas in the form of clouds Saturday and Sunday. By Monday to Tuesday, the remnant low will move through West, Central and North Texas. At the same time, breezy winds winds from the south will pump in low-level moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. This will result in much higher humidity and scattered rain in the Greater Houston area.

NOAA’s 7-day rain outlook paints up to one inch of rain in Houston, with one to two inches around San Antonio and Austin. The highest totals, two to three inches or more, are expected around Dallas to Wichita Falls to San Angelo.

Aside from eventual rain, heat is the big short-term weather story. The October 20 and 21 record high for Houston is 93. It will be very close to that Friday and Saturday. These next few days are very likely going to end up being the hottest days for the rest of the year. As humidity rises next week, daytime temps will be confined to 80s, but notice how warm the nights will be with lows in the 70s.