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HOUSTON (CW39) – I think the sharks know that this week is dedicated to them. They have recently found their way into the spotlight several times this month. Today we will highlight when sharks made headlines! Showing the good, the bad, the ugly and the funny… Caught on camera and posted on social media.  

Let’s start with our national stories, this one developing out of Long Island Beach, New York. Where a dead great white shark was spotted on Southern Long Island Shores this week. 

According to the Quogue Village Police and the New York State Department of Environmental conservation, they were unable to secure the carcass before it washed back out to sea. It was seen the following day on a beach in Southampton. Crews retrieved the carcass and sent it to a lab for testing. 

Cape Cod beaches were also closed this week as dozens of shark sightings were reported. Most of the sightings were reported on the Sharktivity app, and action was taken by local officials. Cape cod has long been known as a hotspot for sharks on the east coast, and July is normally the prime time for their arrival.  

Source: Sharktivity App

Now to Texas… Let’s start with this comical tweet posted by the City of Plano on twitter. Yes, they did in fact photoshop sharks into these summer scenes of their city. 

Source: @cityofplanotx on Twitter

Close to home here in Galveston this shark video is going viral! Captain ‘Sharky’ posted this shark chomping down on the side of a boat. Check it out! 

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