HOUSTON (CW39) – As we wrap up our shark segments this week on CW39 Houston, I wanted to end it by easing your mind on the thought that a shark may actually hurt you! Headlines can dramatize a situation where a shark is spotted in the water of a popular beach, or someone is injured by a shark mistaking them for another marine animal. (Sharks do not even like the way humans taste!)

There are many other common beach activities, and animals that are more likely to get you!

That’s right. Sharks should be more afraid of us! People kill more sharks per year than sharks kill people. Shark finning is a form of poaching, and is illegal in many counties. Sadly, we still see this occur. If it continues at the current rate, sharks could be at risk for becoming endangered.

Mosquitoes are seen as the most deadly animal on the planet, NOT sharks. Yet, we encounter and swat at them on almost a daily basis here along the gulf coast. Mosquitoes transmit parasitic infections that cause hundreds of thousands of deaths per year.

Here are some other day to day things that you have a better chance of dying from in your lifetime. In a typical trip to Galveston you have a better chance of dying in a car wreck on the trip down I-45. You are more likely to go to a fall off of the sea wall, drowning in the water due to rip currents/ etc…

Even the weather poses a bigger threat. Lightning and heat expose are both common hazards people encounter that kill more than sharks. You are even more likely to say ‘toodeloo’ from getting hit by a firework on the fourth of July.

Need tips on what to do if you encounter a shark?

I spoke with Chief Pete Davis with Galveston Island Beach Patrol about ways you can stay safe when out in THEIR home.