HOUSTON (KIAH) – Thursday morning is the coldest we’ll see for at least the next ten days as a warm weather pattern starts soon. Each day will get a little warmer than the previous, with highs heading well into the 80s next week.

After lows in the 30s Thursday morning, it’ll warm to upper 60s Thursday afternoon with sunny skies. Thursday night won’t be as cool with lows in the upper 40s.

80-degree highs are back this weekend, and it keeps warming next week with temperatures peaking near the record high of 89 Tuesday and Wednesday.

Rain will be hard to come by for several days. However, there is a minimal 10% chance Saturday, meaning a few raindrops may dot the area, but most people will miss out. Sunday’s chance is barely higher at 20%. Sunday, by the way, is when we “fall back”, meaning the clocks go back one hour Sunday morning. This will make for an earlier sunrise and sunset.