HOUSTON (KIAH) – After widespread storms Monday, Tuesday’s rain chance drops to 30%, meaning a few isolated storms will be possible, but most areas remain dry. Temperatures will be a tad lower as a very weak front has moved through, but it’ll still top 90 degrees, with a heat index in the upper 90s.

Houston forecast highs and heat index values

Highs in the low to mid 90s will be the rule for the rest of September and beyond. Also, through Friday, humidity will be high enough to make it feel like upper 90s during the hottest part of the afternoon. Slightly drier air arrives this weekend, bringing those feels-like temps down to the mid 90s.

A few more isolated showers and storms will be possible through Friday. However, the main weather story is the continued heat. September will go down as Houston’s warmest September on record (since the late 1800s). Of course, this comes after Houston hottest June-August on record.

When does the heat end?
The short answer: not soon. The image above is NOAA’s 8-14 day temperature outlook, which gives us a general idea of what temperatures will be like October 3-9. All the orange over Texas means it is likely to be warmer than average during that time. However, as I analyze the broad U.S. weather pattern, I see signs of cooler and drier air making it farther south around two weeks from now (Oct 9-10). This is when we may finally start to see a series of worthwhile cold fronts reaching us.