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HOUSTON (CW39) – It is the first full week of spring! With warmer temps in the forecast many will be looking to prepare their home for the new season. I visited C&D Hardware to speak to Duane Myers, the owner, about what items are hot this time of year and the shift in items he sells from the winter… to the spring. Some of these items are really important to knock out at the beginning of the season. Before we start seeing heavy rain events you want to be sure rain water can properly leave your property.

Clogged storm drains and gutters filled leaves can become problematic. Loose/ low hanging branches on trees surrounding your home could down power lines, or fall onto your home or car as stronger storms producing gusty winds become more common this time of year.  

  • Trim tree branches  
  • Clear out gutters 
  • Clean storm drains 
  • Service your yard equipment  
  • Check irrigation system  

Before we talked about the upcoming spring season, I asked Duane how his store is recovering from the winter storm. 

 He stated, “We are just now starting to get some of our supplies back in; it was a really hard hit. If you walk around, you can see that a lot of our shelves are still empty. Slowly but surely its coming back in. It was nuts! You could almost just pick up the phone and say… ‘No, we are out of plumbing stuff’! Just totally wiped out.” 

I asked Duane his picks for what people should be buying this time of year, his best recommendations for those prepping their home. 

 “Always do a little bit of research and figure out what you want to do, if you come in just haphazard you are going to spend a lot more money than you need to. With that being said, we do offer a lot of fun stuff!”, Duane says in regards to Easter gifts, coolers, and lawn décor. “It is almost in our DNA when the weather and time changes it is time to get outside before the heat of summer hit… So, let’s get that lawn prepped up!”, says Duane.  

We are no strangers to mosquitoes here in SE TX. They love the warmer and humid weather this time of year. I asked Duane on advice to mitigate mosquitoes around your home.  

“Anytime you have standing water you have a problem. Unfortunately, if your neighbors have water, you still have a problem!”, Duane responded. He also mentions how well grills sell this time of year.  

It is never too early to start preparing for hurricane season, it seems like it is far away, but now is the time to prepare. You want to get out ahead of the crowds for those supplies. Dan says, “By the time that something gets close enough for us to start reacting, most of the shelves in Houston are cleared. We do our best to really bulk up on those materials, but it doesn’t hurt to pick up an extra set of batteries, a flashlight, or even storm supplies such as a case of water. You will be so much more prepared than you would be if you wait until there is a mad rush to do this.” 

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