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HOUSTON, Texas  (KIAH) – We spend so much time and money trying to protect our homes from natural disasters or fleeing from our homes when we no longer feel safe. RSG3D is an innovative company with a solution… they are building energy efficient and weather resilient homes. Freeing homeowners from the worries of wildfires, flooding, and hurricane force winds. I made my way out to Houston’s second build by this company. It is undergoing construction right now in the Meyerland community… builders allowed me to get an inside glimpse of what makes these homes so strong.  

RSG 3-D Home

This photo was taken in 2015 after the wildfires in Cobb California. The Valley Fire took 1900 structures. The Sean Jennings home was the only home to survive. This was the only RSG 3-D house in town and the owner selected RSG 3-D specifically due to wildfire risk and inability to secure insurance.

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