Texas still at risk of winter blackouts – TxDOT’s new winter plan

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HOUSTON (KIAH) – Texas could face winter blackouts once again, so the Texas Department of Transportation says it has a new plan in place for the upcoming winter weather season.

In Austin, TxDOT representatives held a press conference demonstrating equipment and discussing its deployment plans. TxDOT says it has not hired additional staff ahead of this winter but currently has 270 crew members able to work alternating shifts around the clock to monitor and treat roadways during weather events.

A new report shows Texas is again at risk of blackouts this winter because of extreme weather like the February storm that buckled the state’s electricity grid. The north American electric reliability corporation says Texas could have a nearly 40% shortfall in available power to meet demand in the event of another severe winter storm.
Forecasters say that although another extreme weather event isn’t highly likely, it can’t be ruled out.

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