HOUSTON (KIAH) – Much-needed rain is headed for Texas this week with multiple inches possible in different regions of the state. The bulk of it will come Tuesday through Thursday, with a cold front likely being the focal point for the heaviest rain.

In and around Greater Houston, NOAA’s 7-day rain outlook suggests around one inch or more of rain, on average. Of course, some areas could certainly get more where the strongest thunderstorms take shape.

One to two inches will be common around Austin and San Antonio, and more than two inches is expected in North Texas around Dallas and in South Texas.

The cold front arrives in Houston Thursday or Thursday night. It won’t move through quickly, which means some rain could possibly linger into Friday. By the weekend, cooler and drier air settles in with a legit fall feel for several days.

High temperatures will be in the upper 70s this weekend, with lows in the 60s, and possible even 50s by Sunday morning! Keep up with our forecast this week as we continue to refine the details.