Texas weather: new timing of Thanksgiving downpours

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Many areas could see one to two inches of rain

HOUSTON (KIAH) — Confidence remains high that it’ll be a wet Thanksgiving in Southeast Texas, perhaps for multiple hours during the day. Naturally, as the time nears, we get more clarity of how the cold front and rain will pan out. The images below show the timing of the downpours coming and going.


Beginning early Thursday morning, rain will already be occurring along the front as it heads into Central Texas, with potential for some pre-frontal scattered rain around Houston. Earlier this week, Dallas looked like it would be wet on Thanksgiving, but now North Texas is trending drier with the bulk of the rain hitting there on Wednesday night.


This next image above highlights Thursday at 11 a.m., suggesting that’s when the front nears Houston with widespread rain, thunderstorms and some heavy downpours.


By mid to late afternoon, the bulk of the rain will have passed Houston. It’ll hug the coast before heading out into the Gulf by sunset.

There’s plenty of moisture in the atmosphere for this front to work with. In fact, a lot more than normal for this time of year. With that in mind, and the fact that rain could last for a few hours, rain totals will probably average 1-2″, but some spots could pick up more than 2″.


As for temperatures, Thanksgiving starts mild, but it’ll likely get cooler in the afternoon, then remains chilly Friday and Saturday.


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