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HOUSTON (KIAH) The historic winter outbreak from last February not only brought extremely cold temperatures but also snow, sleet, and freezing rain that lasted for several days in southeast Texas.

On this day last year the National Weather Service issued a Winter Weather Advisory that continued through that Wednesday night for light snow showers North and West of Harris County.


According to records from the NWS conditions did not improve that Wednesday night as lingering precipitation brought more snow and sleet to the northern half of the region that lasted through midday Thursday. While the wintry precipitation wound down Thursday evening, the dangerously cold temperatures and hazardous road conditions continued. It wasn’t until 9am that Saturday morning back in February of 2021 that the last Hard Freeze Warning would expire for this event.


Meteorologist Star Harvey digs into tweets produced on that Wednesday back in February 2021 from the Texas Department of Transportation. It’s a look into how the storm impacted the Galveston-Port Bolivar ferry, the icy conditions that stretched along the roads and a peak at how crews worked tirelessly to treat those wintry conditions.