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HOUSTON (KIAH) – Hitting the road or the airlines for the holidays? You are not alone…not even close!

Travel is expected to surge back to pre-pandemic levels this Thanksgiving which may cause for some unwanted traffic jams and long lines in baggage claim.

However, generally the weather will be cooperating with us this year. Although not everyone will see dry roads, we aren’t tracking any crippling winter storm system that will delay travel nation wide. That was not always the case for Thanksgivings in the past.

A shot of cold weather on the back side of the cold front that will bring showers to Houston on Thanksgiving Day will be sending temperatures in the teens for the northern U.S. Florida travelers will have a chilly start, but in the end will be on the milder side with temperatures warming into the 70s for the panhandle.

As for Los Angeles, sunny of course, with highs warming into the 80s. Fire weather will likely continue to develop and peak late week with gusty winds and low humidity.

A new system will be churning along the northwestern coast. This sends ample showers across Washington state for Thanksgiving travel. Raining in Seattle, who would have thought?

Higher elevations could see high totals of upslope snow form, if you are dreaming of a ‘white Thanksgiving’, perhaps take a trip up the Cascades.

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