HOUSTON (KIAH) –A strong Artic Cold Front setting up over Canada is expected to swing across, Texas on Wednesday. Behind the front temperatures fall from near 80 degrees to 40s. Some Isolated storms are also expected to develop along and ahead of the front, and may become strong or severe, bringing a chance for small hail, gusty winds and isolated tornadoes to SE Texas.

On Thursday light rain showers developing early, immediately beginning to mix with sleet, freezing rain and even light snow to areas north and west of Houston. There’s also a slight chance of a wintry mix of rain, freezing rain, and sleet Thursday night across the northern half of the Houston area. No accumulations or impacts are expected.

While the potential of winter weather impacts may bring February 2021 to mind, this system will be different in many ways. Which is why It’s important to note that we do NOT expect a widespread, crippling winter storm.

How does this compare to February 2021?

While we are monitoring the threat for winter weather this week, the storm will not be anywhere near the level, or threat, of the February winter storms last year.

  • Duration– this week will see less than 2 days for icy conditions to exist. NOT several days of subfreezing temperatures like last year.
  • Impacts – it’s possible to see sleet/ ice on the roads Thursday and Friday, but we’re not forecasting heavy amounts of ice and snow that will cause widespread power outages.
  • Temps– last February portions of Texas spent multiple days below freezing, preventing all the snow and ice from melting. That will NOT be the case this week. Again, we are forecasting a short time where temperatures will be near or below freezing in Texas, allowing any frozen precipitation to melt by Friday afternoon.