HOUSTON (KIAH) – Warm and breezy weather has settled in for a few days ahead of a cold front that nears our area Thursday. That front is likely to bring scattered storms, but the cool air behind it won’t get the push it needs to reach Houston.

Tuesday will be rain-free for most of the Greater Houston area with highs in the mid to upper 80s, and feeling like 90 with the humidity. Breezy winds from the Southeast will gust 20-25 mph Tuesday through Thursday, keeping the muggy air in place.

A few showers are expected Wednesday afternoon, but rain is more likely Thursday as the weak cold front nears our area.

Warm air hangs around through the weekend, but all signs point to a significant cool down next week. We expect cooler air to arrive Monday or Tuesday of next week, meaning Halloween (as far as we can tell right now) is probably going to be on the cool side.