Tracking Grace: Coastal impacts to Texas

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HOUSTON (CW39) – Although grace’s track has shifted southward and impacts to Texas, especially Houston, will be minimal, our coastal waterways are not completely clear.

From now through Thursday wave heights could reach 3-5 ft. By Friday heights could be anywhere between 6-9 ft. Add in high tides, and we could see minor coastal flooding in the southern part of the state by the weekend depending on Grace’s final path. 

Nonetheless, all small craft and beach goers should exercise caution this weekend. So, listen up! If you plan to beat the heat at the beach on Saturday! There will be an increase in rip current development throughout the coastline. So far this year texas has seen 9 rip current deaths. Swim near a lifeguard stand, and do not venture too far out.  

Remember if you are caught in a rip current, stay calm, and swim parallel to shore. Once you are out of the path of the current, it will be safe to swim back to the shoreline. If you can’t escape the current, tread water or float until you can get the attention of a lifeguard.  

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