HOUSTON (KIAH) — It’s been more than three weeks since the last tropical storm in the Atlantic Ocean. That was Tropical Storm Colin, which briefly impacted Georgia and the Carolinas. Colin was the 3rd tropical storm of the season. Despite the lack of activity lately, many storms are likely to form throughout the next few months.

CW39 – tropical climatology

On average, tropical activity drastically ramps up during the month of August, with the peak of the season occurring in September.

Is it odd to have such a quiet July? Not at all! In fact, as quiet as it has been lately, we’re actually a little ahead of schedule having seen three storms so far.

CW39 – tropical climatology

The average date of the 3rd named storm is August 2nd, and the average date of the 4th is August 15th. The average date of the 1st hurricane is August 11th.

In the short term, the National Hurricane Center does not expect any development in the Atlantic for at least the next 5 days.

CW39 – tropics

Meanwhile in the Pacific Ocean, it has been more active. Most recently, Tropical Storm Frank developed and could become a hurricane as it drifts west, staying far away from Mexico.

Before hurricane season, NOAA’s forecast called for 14 to 21 named storms in the Atlantic this year. 14 is the 30-year average.