HOUSTON (KIAH) — A few showers are possible today ahead of a storm system, but rain chances go up overnight through the first half of Wednesday. That’s when the storm system and cold front #1 move through.

Futurecast Wednesday morning

The Storm Prediction Center indicates that a few storms could briefly turn severe in Southeast Texas. The main threat is strong wind, but one or two brief tornadoes can’t be ruled out somewhere in our entire region.

Severe outlook through Tuesday night
Severe outlook Wednesday

Temperatures will remain warm all the way up until the front arrives Wednesday morning. Once it passes, we’ll gradually get cooler throughout the day, dropping to the 50s Wednesday afternoon.

Cold front #2 arrives early Friday. No rain with this one, but strong winds from the north will bring a winter feel. Friday’s highs will be in the mid 50s, then it drops to near-freezing Saturday morning.

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