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HOUSTON (CW39) It’s Weather Wellness Wednesday time! Last week Meteorologist Lindsey Day talked about how debilitating mold illness can be. This week she shares the story of Jennifer Josey who got her life back after recovering from mold illness.

From Houston’s humid climate to flood-prone nature, mold illness is more common than most realize!

Local Houstonian, Jennifer Josey, went 5 years suffering because the mold was hiding under the bathtub. Plus, her husband had no symptoms, which mold expert Dr. Gail Clayton explains is common. “I was completely unavailable. I mean, because I felt like I had been hit by a truck every single day. I had to still work somewhat, and that’s all I could do. I had very little energy – I mean extreme fatigue,” explains Jennifer. 

Restless nights, brain fog, digestive issues, low energy, weight gain, hives and anxiety… all signs you could be suffering from toxic mold, like Jennifer Josey was.  “We realized we had some toxic mold in the house from a water leakage that we had,” explains Jennifer.

What can we do to heal if there’s a “fungus among us?” Well, the first thing I say is get to a safe environment.  You know, just walk away, and stay somewhere that they know hasn’t had water damage, to try to recover your health, ” explains Dr. Clayton.

Dr. Clayton worked with Jennifer to do just that, and to incorporate specific supplements and nutritional changes. Gail gave me a lot of recommendations first off – dietary changes as we said, gave me a lot of supplements, a lot of other remedies to like, infrared sauna, castor oil packs,” explains Jennifer. 

Just a few months into treatment and Jennifer’s symptoms were almost completely eliminated! I started having increased energy, I could have restful sleep which was like life changing. My concentration was a lot better. I had a lot more confidence, too, because I knew that I was free from living within an environment with a toxic element. 

Jennifer explains how her husband was also thrilled! “He feels very excited to have his wife fully present again and we can enjoy having a quality life together.”

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