Wednesday’s weather: Storms coming to area this morning, bringing fall feel in afternoon

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HOUSTON (KIAH) — We have some storms coming our way on Wednesday morning, some very significant weather that will be here in a few hours so we’re just waiting on them.

We have some scattered showers and storms coming through in the cold front that has gone over the Austin and San Antonio areas. This is kind of minor compared to what eventually is on the way others, a 52-mile-per-hour gust near the Austin airport, by the way, so storms of that nature could eventually be here a little later this morning, especially after 8 a.m.

It might be a little more concerning around the Houston area. But right now, just again a little rain coming through Galveston, getting couple of storms.  Like I said, this is just a few isolated things out ahead of this main line that will be here in a few hours, here’s a little bit of a closer look areas, northeast of town.

For commuters this morning, you might want to be at your destination by about 8 a.m., because after that, driving around Houston can certainly be difficult during that hour.

Once we get to 11 a.m. and certainly noon and beyond, the cold front will be pushing out of here and we get some sunshine later today and then it’s a fall feel for the next several days. But we’ve got to get through this morning first.

The winds are now initially with the storms, and there could be some strong wind gusts this morning. That’s what we see right here behind all the storms, the front may bring winds gusting in the 20s. What’s interesting though is tomorrow, after the front passes, the winds actually boost up even more. We could see 30- to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts on Thursday, and then still kind of a breezy day on Friday with winds gusting in the 20s.

 So a couple of days here with those winds are going to be a big story, especially though tomorrow.

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