HOUSTON (KIAH) — More cold temperatures ahead for Houston, but it gets even colder Saturday with widespread rain for several hours.

The rain stems from a disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico that will start to push some showers inland from the coast late-day Friday. That means some of the high school football playoff games could be damp Friday night.

Friday night forecast for Houston

Rain continues to spread across Southeast Texas late Friday night. By Saturday morning, it’s soggy just about everywhere, and likely stays that way all day. To make matters worse, it will be very cold with temperatures stuck in the 40s all day.

To give you some perspective on how unusual it is to be this cold this time of year, I’m calling for a high of 49 degrees Saturday, which is close to the record coldest high temperature of 47 degrees for November 19th.

Weekend weather for Galveston and Houston

Saturday will be breezy in Houston, but quite windy along the coast with winds gusting over 30 mph in Galveston. Sunday remains windy along the coast, too.

Houston 7-day forecast