HOUSTON (KIAH) — Each day this week gets a little warmer than the previous day. Tuesday in Houston will feature mostly to partly sunny skies with afternoon temperatures topping out around 70 to 72 degrees.

But, you know the drill, nice weather can only last so long. A broad area of low pressure in the Pacific Ocean will work its way eastward, with local impacts beginning this weekend.

CW39 – Tuesday morning water vapor imagery

As we often see ahead of these systems, when they near Texas, our winds crank up from the Gulf of Mexico. That means we’re facing a warm, breezy and more humid weekend.

CW39 – Saturday futurecast

I expect to see a few showers on Saturday, but with limited coverage (20%). A bit more rain should occur Sunday (30%).

CW39 – Sunday futurecast

Eventually, likely Monday to Monday night, a cold front connected to a storm system will move into Southeast Texas. This keeps rain in our forecast.

CW39 – Monday futurecast

Putting it all together on the 7-day forecast, you’ll notice the warming trend this week, with highs around 80 degrees Saturday and Sunday.

CW39 – Houston’s 7-day forecast