HOUSTON (KIAH) – For now, we’re tracking dry air and very warm temperatures. However, next week brings a whole new weather pattern for Texas, in part due to the remnants of Major Hurricane Norma in the Pacific Ocean.

West Texas may start to get some rain as soon as Sunday, then it spreads east and north across much of Texas Monday, which is when rain chances are back in the forecast for Houston. In addition to Norma’s moisture, gusty winds from the south will add Gulf moisture to the atmosphere over Texas. NOAA’s 7-day rain outlook indicates possible widespread rain totals of two to three inches in North Texas, including Dallas. Austin and San Antonio are in the one to two inch range, and Houston could see up to one inch.

Aside from the eventual rain, temperatures are the big weather story in the short term. Houston will reach the upper 80s Thursday, then low 90s Friday and Saturday. At least it will be a dry heat, though.