HOUSTON (CW39) – The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has issued an Ozone Action Day for the Houston, Galveston, and Brazoria area for Tuesday, August 16, 2022.

Atmospheric conditions are expected to be favorable for producing high levels of ozone pollution in the Houston, Galveston, and surrounding areas on Tuesday. You can help prevent ozone pollution by sharing a ride, walking, riding a bicycle, taking your lunch to work, avoiding drive through lanes, conserving energy and keeping your vehicle proper tuned.

The Houston Health Department laboratory uses an instrument called the Burkard Spore Trap to measure air samples, in order to provide a daily report and recorded message for the pollen and mold spore count within the Area.  The Burkard Spore Trap collects pollen and mold spores 10 liters/ min, 24 hours a day.  It is located on the roof top of the building. 

Mold spores are measured per cubic meter of air.

  •  1 to 6499 = Low
  • 6500 to 12999 = Medium (TODAY)
  • 13000 to 49999 = Heavy
  • Over 50000 = Extremely Heavy

We normally see ragweed make an appearance this time of year, from late August to September. Right now levels are low, but present.