When to watch the ‘Partial Lunar Eclipse’ in Houston

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The partial eclipse ends on Friday at 4:47 AM.

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HOUSTON (KIAH) –  November’s partial lunar eclipse will take the night sky for a total of 3 hours and 28 minutes. According to NASA, this is to be the longest partial eclipse in 580 years. Look up, Friday at 1:18 AM that is when the partial eclipse begins. No special glasses will be needed to view. You may remember needing those for the total solar eclipse back in 2017.

Partial Eclipse Peaks

The partial ellipse peaks at 3:02 AM Friday. If you only want to wake up for a minute to snap a picture, then go back to bed… this is the time you need to set the alarm!

What is happening here? Why does this astronomical phenomenon occur?

A lunar eclipse is the result of the sun, moon, and earth all nearly lining up. The moon falls into Earth’s shadow allowing for the lunar disk to glow reddish orange. This is because light is refracted through the majority of Earth’s atmosphere and sent straight towards the moon.

November’s full moon is also called the Beaver Moon! The partial eclipse ends on Friday at 4:47 AM.

Partial Eclipse Ends

Moon Fact!

The moon has a temperature range of -414 to 253 degrees Farenheit.

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