Where to find fall foliage on the first day of Autumn

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HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) – Although you will not find it outside your doorstep here in Houston just yet, leaves are beginning to change in other parts of the country. This is a wakeup call from mother nature, saying “Summer is over!.”  

Right now, portions of northern Minnesota, upstate Vermont, and New Hampshire, Northwest Colorado, northwestern Wyoming, and southern Montana are seeing beautiful foliage occur.  

By October 1st, we will start to see foliage begin to peak in parts of the Smokey Mountains running through Virgina, East Tennessee and western Carolinas. Out west most of Idaho will see peak foliage at this time.  

Finally, as we approach Halloween, leaves are expected to start changing in the south. Starting from Nebraska, down into Kansas, Oklahoma, and North Texas… peak foliage will begin! Northern Mississippi, Alabama, and the Carolina coastline will also see the peak times for changing leaves. 

Note: We still have not mentioned Houston, yet. Hot and humid H-Town is near the end of this timeline.  

Although you might get lucky and catch a spare yellow leaf or two before this time, November 15th is usually when our location in Southeast Texas sees near peak, and peak foliage conditions.  

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