Warmer weather attracting new animals to your home

Working In the Weather

HOUSTON (CW39) – Warmer temperatures are bringing out different species of wildlife throughout southeast Texas, but sometimes these critters venture out of the wild and even into your home!  

To get more information on how the weather impacts the animals who try and share residency with us humans, I contacted Brian Moss with AAAC Wildlife Removal. Brian is an experienced wildlife remover who has a family-based business that is veteran owned and operated. He is licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture, as well as insured for both residential and commercial jobs. 

Moss also spoke about how the winter storm in February impacted the wildlife of southeastern Texas greatly this year. For example, with puddles and small ponds/ditches freezing over, animals more frequently left their habitat and ventured to residential areas in search for water! This was especially true for deer. With a blanket of snow covering the ground, where animals normally forage for food, they were ‘confused’ Moss states, and didn’t know what to do.  

Moss states, “We start getting calls in the springtime. Early winter, and in the spring is when the babies start moving around inside the house and making noise. People will call and say ‘Hey I have a ghost in my attic… we will go out… and you’ve got squirrels’.” 

What types of hazards does this bring to the house? Do they damage the wiring?  

“Big time. In the new houses you will have something called PEX pipe. That’s the red and blue lines for water. They will chew those and put a water stain on your roof really quick. Next thing you know your roof is falling down. There are fire hazards, they will chew up wires quickly. They are just learning to chew, the little ones. They will just start chewing on anything. Then they will also start chewing at the top of the peak of the home, the ridge cap. They will chew holes in there and next thing you know you have a lot of rain coming in there.”, Moss answers.   

Where do the squirrels normally get into the home? 

Moss says that, “They will normally get in from behind the gutters, and what they will do is chew a hole. It takes an expert eye to find that. They may have a hole up underneath your shingles right behind your gutter. You need someone who can find that and put a trap close to that so that you can remove them safely and get rid of them.” 

Just to make things clear, these squirrels are perfectly fine. They are not harmed in any way. You are just trapping them and getting them off of this home and into a place where they belong, in the woods.  

“Correct!”, Moss says.  

Moss also noted how much the weather impacts his career. In regards to the cold snap that we saw in February, he says, “The weather really impacted all the animals that we deal with. So, we were slow for a little while, but it bounced back when it warmed up. Snakes… our snake call should be going crazy right now, but with that cold weather, everything shut down and those snakes said… ‘I ain’t coming out!’. When it started warming up, right away we started getting those snake calls.  

What other animals start coming out during the warmer months that people need to be on the lookout for?  

Moss answers, “A big one is alligators! When the weather starts to warm up, you have a lot of people moving from Houston to the Conroe area. They will start living in these neighborhoods that have these neighborhood ponds that may have never had people around them before, or just country people that go fishing and know better not to get into the water. All of a sudden you got people that don’t know, they are getting into the water, and we are dealing with 12-foot alligators lurking everywhere! We caught one last year that was 11.5 feet long where people were playing just days before we set the lines.” 

Although it may be tempting to try it yourself, Moss says why you should leave removing these critters to the professionals.  

“They may look cute, but they’re animals and they are dangerous. Stay away from them, even the little squirrels. They do bite, and bite hard! Bats can carry rabies, so never ever pick up a bat. Call a professional and we will come out and take care of it.”, says Moss.    

If you need animals removed from your home, or need more information about AAAC Wildlife Removal you can visit their website: https://houston.aaacwildliferemoval.com

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