HOUSTON (KIAH) — Head to Greater Heights this weekend for White Linen Night, an annual event. So many local businesses jump onboard of this night in on of Houston’s most popular neighborhoods. Be in the neighborhood after noon so you’re sure to park and have enough time to meet with friends at your favorite eatery or shop spot. Also, wear your walking shoes.

Parties, parking, eating and drinking are the focus as well as supporting local businesses along the 19th Street antique strip. A few things to keep in mind though are parking and finding your friends in the crowd.


Since the event is for walking crowds, prepare for closures and lots of cross walking near the event. It will be in other areas in the Heights, not just 19th Street so you may need to find parking in other parts of the neighborhood and walk over.


Plan a meetup location in advance because many locations will be crowded and although businesses will be open, some may change hours or walkway parameters in and/or outside the shops. There will be a lot of action in the street, like live music and other performances. This gets bigger each year, so prepare for large crowds and to take extra time to make your way around to enjoy and have a great experience.